The Destruction of the Altars

The Destruction of the Altars

14 May 2019 Off By Site par défaut

Kinshasa, capital of the DRC, its surroundings as well as men and women around the world live since Wednesday, January 30 at the rate of Chapter 34 of the Destruction of Altars which will continue until February 17.

Kerith Torrent / KINSHASA DRC

Aerial view of an evening of
Altar Destruction chap 33

The Destruction of the Altars is a dispensation received in 2008 from God by the Apostle Leopold Mutombo Kalombo.
This dispensation has as its overall objective the liberation of the Christian
from the ignorance into which
Satan plunged
him in order to prevent him from living the promises of God.
The Destruction of Altars leads the Christian
to become god on earth in order to fulfill the mission
for which he was established.

The liberation is effected by means of information that the Apostle Leopold Mutombo Kalombo gives to the participants on the mode of functioning of the world of the darkness.

In the Destruction of the Altars, there is a force, a mystery and a movement of angels going up and down bringing the supernatural, the unexpected of God through healings, deliverances, spectacular and frightening miracles as well that various answers to spiritual and material problems long remained unresolved.

All this is possible thanks to a particular, immense and overflowing anointing deposited by the Lord Jesus Christ on a man, the Apostle Leopold Mutombo Kalombo.